Management board expanded

Marko Schmitz new sales director at Filosof Filosof Software GmbH has expanded its management team.
Marko Schmitz has joined the management board. As Managing Director Sales he complements the management team already consisting of Josef Esser, Thomas Brück (both Managing Directors) and Manfred Hansen (authorized signatory).
The background to these personnel changes is the fact that Scopevisio AG has recently acquired Filosof Software GmbH and transferred its previous activities in the hotel and gastronomy sector to Filosof.
Marko Schmitz is also managing partner of Scopevisio Sales & Consulting Köln/Bonn GmbH. In recent years, he has shaped Scopevisio's distribution for small and medium-sized businesses and, among other things, pushed ahead with the development of the Scopevisio-HoGa platform. Marko Schmitz is 51 years old, married and has two daughters. As a trained software developer with a commercial background, he has been working in information technology since 1989. Since 1996, the focus of his activities has been on corporate management and sales of industry solutions in German-speaking countries. - Marko Schmitz GF Sales

Filosof & Scopevisio - new way into future

April 2018

Dear customers and partners,
„If you want to go new ways you have to leave old paths“, says a familiar saying.
We are already connected for more than 20 years now and we did a long way together which makes us proud and satisfied.
Our vision, that we will attend you further in the future, requires to follow a new innovative technological way, which we weren‘t able to afford alone with our small team.
Therefore we searched for a partner, with an already market-proved and suitable technology platform and powerful software solutions.
Our choice is Scopevisio AG which bought Filosof on March 19th, 2018. The brands Filosof and Scopevisio stand for quality, reliability and customer orientation. You can count on these values in the future as ever.
This owner (partner) change guarantees the continuity of Filosof on base of innovative and future oriented technology with all advantages of a software-as-a-service (SaaS). Lots of things which you like around Filosof will retain, others might change for your benefit. The well-known team will stay and gets more extended with members of Scopevisio.
The partners of Filosof are always ready to talk to you personally -don’t hesitate to call us.
We are glad to lead Filosof into a new digital age - with you and Scopevisio. Remain true to Filosof.
Yours sincerely
Josef Esser, Thomas Brück
(CEO Filosof Software GmbH)
More info you´ll get here (german) Filosof - Scopevisio


AUDICON has certified our interface for the IDEA software mostly used from the tax-offices and auditors. We are proud having persist all syntax and compatibility-checks and the interface is available with the actual versions of our accounting and payroll software.

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